Mattie has been doing so well with acupuncture. She went from having a limp for months to not limping at all. She had been to several vets who could not find a problem or solution, yet Mattie continued to limp despite there being no reason behind the limp.
S. Davis

At least 24 hours prior to your pet’s first acupuncture appointment, please fill out this form and email or fax it to Dr. Dixon.

First Visit Form (PDF)

Acupuncture Home Appointment

Choose a quiet place in your home with enough space for your pet and Dr. Dixon to sit comfortably on the floor. Dr. Dixon will bring a comfortable pad for your pet. A thin dog bed may be used. A dog bed that is thick enough for your dog to sink into will prohibit Dr. Dixon from being able to reach all areas of your pet. You are welcome to observe and be part of as much of the treatment as you chose. Some pets require petting and distraction by a pet parent while Dr. Dixon places needles. Dr. Dixon sits with your pet for 20-30 minutes. Relaxation, panting, burping, flatulence, sleeping or snoring may occur.

 After each treatment, give your pet a couple of hours of rest to gain the maximum benefit of treatment. Sleeping and extra water intake immediately after treatment are common. Next visit please provide feedback to Dr. Dixon regarding your pet’s behavior immediately after treatment and the following days so that treatment can be adjusted to your pet’s needs.